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Re: [IP] Why mixed Insulin?

I'm unclear about Richard answer (were you thinking about long acting
insulin?) so here is why I mix velosulin and humalog:

1).  If I take just velosulin, I never get my meal bgs quite right.  I
often eat to close to the dose and have early highs.  The curve of the
insulin doesn't match the curb or the food.

    If I take humalog, I go low and very high later and still can't seem
to get the timing right.

    If I mix them I can get it exactly right -- bgs that start and
finish and stay between 80 and 90 --unless I eat a very large or higher
fat meal when I need to delay much of either type of the above doses

2).  My basal rates come out a little better on humalog than on
velosulin.  They come out consistently much much better with both and
the effect of minor stress, etc seems to be less.  The exception again
is those big evening meals but even those work better with the mix and a
middle of the night bolus than they do without.  If I had a 507 pump I
could probably use a very extended square wave bolus to solve that

3).  With velosulin my sites last from 4-8 days.  They heal quickly and
hurt less when I take them out.
        With humalog my sites last 6 hours to 5 days, usually in the 2-3
day range.  They easily get sore and I run out of usable sites very
        With a mixture my sites last 3-7 days.  They are a little more
bothered than the velosulin but much better than the humalog and they
mostly heal quickly so I can rapidly reuse them.

    4).  The mixture is smoother than the humalog by itself which makes
me feel a little on edge and the control is soooooooo very much better
than I get with straight velosulin that I feel much better too.

The biggest issue with the two insulin is the timing and I seem to be
best able to deal with the timing of the mixture.


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