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Re: [IP] Kidney problem question


The small amounts of protein in the urine is called microalbuminia.  Its the
first stage of kidney disease but in my experience it is reversible.  I had
protein in my urine when I was diagnosed with type I and my doctor (ahead of
his time) put me on captopril, an ACE inhibitor approved as a blood pressure
medicine.  It is now approved for diabetic kidney disease.  The captopril
reversed my microalbuminia.  I still take it everyday and my urine protein
levels are normal,  and have been  for years.

Definitely watch protein intake.  recommended lebvels for persons with
kidney disease are listed in each Diabetes Forecast magazine.

I have also heard that you should not lift weights because this sort of
exercise "sheds" excess protein from your muscles into your bloodstream.  I
would be interested if anyone else has heard of this.

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Date: Tuesday, December 01, 1998 11:38 AM
Subject: [IP] Kidney problem question

>I know this subject has come up before but I didn't pay a lot of attention
>it since it did not directly effect my daughter.  Now I wish i had.
>This morning Dad got the results back from his 24 hour protein test and is
>showing small amounts of protein (or whatever it is diabetics show).   I
>thought I have read somewhere that eating large amounts of protein can
>complicate matters with the kidneys.  My dad has always eaten a lot of
>because that was the old school of thought for Diabetics many years ago
>he was diagnosed.  I mentioned that maybe he should cut down on his protein
>but my parents had never heard of this.
>Am I totally offbase on this?  Also Renee wasnt your daughter taking a
>medication for this?
>Thanks and would appreciate any response back on this.
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