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[IP] Laura's philosophy paper

Hi Laura:

I leave my site in as long as i can..until i get unexplainable highs or it
itches or is painful AT ALL!!! - this can be 3 days, or 14 hours, but NORMALLY
it is at least 5 days - sometimes 7.

I use the tender/silhouette/comfort with straight velosulin...humalog has been
shown to deteriorate the sites more rapidly by others on this list...I also
much prefer the tender to the sofset - you can un attach and not have some
tail hangin off of you - the site is a little flat disk and from what i
remember, the sofset is more like a pushpin sticking out of you which to me,
seems more likely to catch on things and irritate the site...but YMMV  why not
ask your rep for a sample or 4 and see if they last any better - who knows...

> Also, Sara, let me know if New Yorkers get together!

I am thinking Saturday Dec 12th in the afternoon, or Tuesday, December 15 in
the evening...anyone else got input?  email me privately at email @ redacted

> It's great to be on this list and hearing from people who are actually
> psyched to take care of their sugars

and who arent ashamed of it???  and who dont hide their "defect."   who belive
in their constitutional and ADA rights...blah blah blah - different post...

> who is overjoyed that she gets about five emails an hour now and can 
> take so many breaks from writing her philosophy paper that's 
> due tomorrow ...

you may wnat to consider the digest version...just a suggestionif this gets to
be too much for ya!!

who is a complete and utter SLUG  and has not been to the gym in an entire
week!!!!!  C'mon - I need some harrassment!!!
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