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[IP] nosey nosey

Sheri wrote:

> YES Sara - I was one of those nosy people!  But I am impressed 
> none the less 

better to baffle em with BS then use all the energy necessary to really
impress them with talent - gotten me this far...heh heh

> you are a woman of many many many talents!  <grin>   

now if only i could make my blood sugars nice and level for 3 straight
days...or heck if I could have three days that have the same kind of schedule
so I can figure some things our...

> I can barely count to ten in Spanish - uno, dos, trace, quatro, sinko 
> (oops forgot the rest!) 

siete, ocho, nuevo and hmmm ???10??  In italian i think it is uno, due, tre,
quattro, cinque, sei, siete, otto, nove, dieci...i think  my blood sugar is
cente trente-cinque...135

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