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Re: [IP] Why mixed Insulin?

> Evert van der Voort wrote:
> Ive been reading the e-mail for a few weeks..  and i have still one big
> question:
> I live in Holland and we use only Insuhuman Infusat or Humalog in our pomp...
> Reading the E-mail i shaw a lot of you mixed your insulin.. Can any one tell
> me for what reason?

Many people here found that Humalog acts very fast, but was unstable in some
situations. After slightly more than 2 days the effect seemed to decrease,
either from the Humalog going bad or the infusion site having problems.
Some people experimented with mixing Humalog and Lily Regular or Novo Velosulin
in various ratios, often 5 to 1, or down to 1 to 1. This seems to make it last
for as much as 4 or 5 days, so it's become common practice here.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Reply from the descendant of a family from Naarden (about 1640).
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