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Re: [IP] Why mixed Insulin?

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From: Evert van der Voort <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Tuesday, December 01, 1998 7:59 AM
Subject: [IP] Why mixed Insulin?

Hello Everyone,
I´ve been reading the e-mail for a few weeks..  and i have still one big question:
I live in Holland and we use only Insuhuman Infusat or Humalog in our pomp...
Reading the E-mail i shaw a lot of you mixed your insulin.. Can any one tell me for what reason?
Greetings from Holland
Evert van der Voort.
1) Their basal rates are not correct.
And / Or
2)  Their pumps are not delivering optimally.
From Austin, Texas,
email @ redacted