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[IP] IP Re: Clinton's Announcement


This is what I sent in response to your post.  I sent it to Clinton, Gore
and Gephardt.

I have recently been made aware that there is as much funding going to find
a cure for Aids in foreign countries as was recently allocated to research
for finding a cure for Diabetes.  Now, I am aware that the amount for the
diabetes research was additional funds.  However, there are more people
killed, crippled and struggling to make ends meet because of outrageous
health insurance who have diabetes (and also vote) then with Aids and Breast
Cancer combined.  Please move funding for Diabetes Research to the high
priority it deserves.

Thank you.

Leslie Bagwill
Type I Diabetic for 22 years
Syracuse, Missouri

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/