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Re: [IP] Re: Is anybody out there???

Miranda Miller wrote:
> You're not alone.  I have a theory on sugar addiction in diabetics, and it
> only holds true for some people, but I think some of the sugar cravings
> *come* from the higher sugars. 

Actually it's more likely that high bg without enough insulin to supply
energy needed by the body at the time is the culprit.

 When I'm 200+, I feel like I would fight
> tooth and claw for sugar.  When I'm 120, I wouldn't want a brownie if
> someone tried to force feed me.  It's a kind of nutritional inertia that
> tries to keep the blood sugar stable, perhaps.  That and the idea that
> when there is excess sugar in the bloodstream, the cells sense the change
> in the blood and feel that they are 'starving' and demand pure sugar.

My observation is that the high bg isn't the whole problem. If it's high ONLY 
because of overeating but there was enough insulin present to keep the body
going it doesn't lead to a feeling of need. But if the energy level is running
low and the glucose stays in the blood your body insists it needs more. I'm 
NOT a sugaraholic but have suffered this myself.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/