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[IP] To be or not to be

This is a thinking person's question. These are authentic questions
and are not meant to shake the foundations of insulin pump therapy.
I've been reading and contributing to this list for about 25 hours while 
I wait to see how much the pump will cost me. 

There are three benefits to wearing a pump:
1. Flexibility
2. Accuracy
3. Predictability of insulin peaking 

1.non-pump Flexibility:
I have two shots of Ultralentin per day.
I take 8 in the morning and 12 in the evening.
Then I use a Nono-pen with humalog when I eat.
This therapy is known as the "poor man's pump".
It is like the pump with two basal settings that 
cannot be changed on the fly. The novo-pen
must be programmed for each bolus and is very discreet.

2.non-pump Accuracy:
The accuracy of a 30cc syringe used without carful precision 
is +/- 0.2cc or 2% for doses between 8 and 12 cc. The novo-pen is similar. 
The syringe accuracy can be improved if care is taken and/or a
magnifing glass is used.

3.non-pump Predictability of insulin peaking:
Ultralentin is designed for no peak with effect begining 
in three hours and continuing until the 15th hour.

Now my question:
How is the pump better?
Is it only as follows:
I can set more than two basal rates.
I can change the basal rate on the semi-fly.

I cannot include accuracy as a pump forte because
while the pump ejects at a greater than 2% accuracy
other factors affect the amount injected. For instance
if I take 8 units in 12 hours basal then in one hour I get 
6 pulses.  If I remove the pump for any reason for any
length of time there is a chance of missing a pulse with 
a 17% error that hour. That error spread out over three hours
is 5.5%. Many pumpers wait until the transfusion site absorption
becomes a problem before changing the site this causes
a huge accuracy error. And finaly it is not benefit to go 
from 2% accuracy to 0.02% accuracy.

I cannot include Predictability of insulin peaking as a pump forte because
There are unpredictable factors that effect insulin sensitivity.
There are unknowns about insulin absorption rate and sensitivity fluctuations
that make a scientific analysis impossible.


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