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[IP] Clinton Announcement

Did you all see what came in Joseph LaMountain's email today???


According to Reuters, President Clinton will mark World AIDS Day today
by focusing on U.S.efforts to fight AIDS abroad, including increased
research funding.

According to a US official, NIH will spend $1.8 billion on AIDS research
in 1999.  Of that,
$400 million will be spent on international research, a 30% increase
from last year.

By comparison, NIH will spend about $400 million on all diabetes
research in 1999, a 15%
increase from last year.  That means NIH spends as much trying to
prevent and cure AIDS in
foreign countries as it does trying to prevent and cure diabetes in

According to Reuters, AIDS Action, an advocacy group, welcomed the
measures as steps in the right direction but said Washington must still
do more to fight the AIDS epidemic,
particularly overseas.

``While the investments have been significant recently in the areas of
research and treatment,
the investments on the international side have been minuscule,'' AIDS
Action executive
director Daniel Zingale said.

``As long as the epidemic still rages in the developing world, we in
America will still be
living with HIV and AIDS.''

In 1997, AIDS killed 17,000 Americans while diabetes killed 187,000.
More than 16 million Americans have diabetes while 750,000 have AIDS.
Diabetes cost America $91.1 billion in direct medical costs last year
while AIDS cost America $10.3 billion.

Take Action.  Send an email message to President Clinton, Vice President
Gore and House
Minority Leader Richard Gephardt.  Urge them to make a similar
commitment to finding a cure for diabetes.  Here are their email

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Thank you for your support of diabetes advocacy and the American
Diabetes Association.

Come to the Rally for a Cure, March 7-9, 1999

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