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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger

I have been waiting to write this msg., because I wanted to absolutely
clear about the results I am now posting.  A couple of months back there
were some email exchanges about this "trigger finger" stuff.

I became very depressed because I learned that I had TF for the last 4
years or so.

There was just one response from a woman living here in the Bay Area that I
found interesting as well as encouraging on this list.  Everyone else had
pretty much given into the world of traditional medicine and had surgery
and cortizone shots.  This frustrated me greatly.

Not me!  I have been taking Ayurvedic herbs for joints, as well as
Ayurvedic joint massage oil.  The joint ablets are a strange blend of
ancient herbs from india, those I take 2-3 times a day.  The massage I do
about 3 times a week.

I also have been casually squeezing an excercize ball to loosen my joints
and the crystalized sugar that has settled there on them.

Guess what, my boyfriend, my close girlfriends and my colleagues cannot
believe what is happening to my once crippled/ugly claw like fingers.

I have the complete extension of all my fingers, except for one stuborn one
in the middle of my right hand.  However, this finger is coming along as

My thought is that the medical practice does not understand what is
happening with DHS (Diabetic hand syndrome).  So therefore they do whatever
they can to just make the problem 'go away', without looking at the root or
cause of the problem.  An accupuncturist told me DHS is a sign of poor
kidney nutrition.  This would make sense in light of Diabetic

I am so thrilled to share this information with all of you.  I am at work
right now, and when I get home I will send out a msg. with the product name
that I am using.

Best wishes,


PS: don't go for the chop.

>I would love some referrals too.  I live in Phoenix AZ.  I am torn about having
>the surgery right away.
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> Hey Cindy - Here we go again.  More in common.  I had trigger finger
>>left hand
>> middle finger. Had it for nearly two years before I went to a Hand Specialist
>> that I work with on my job.  Had the typical locking/catching.  Had one
>> injection and MD stated I most likely would return for surgery as the
>> injections normally never make it go away completely.  Guess what.  It's been
>> nearly two years after just one injection and no more trigger finger.  What
>> type doc are you seeing???? Ortho - Hand Specialist???  Let me know the area
>> in which you live and I might be able to make contact at our office and ask
>> for names of some docs that are good with hands.
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ReThinking Paper,
Emily Miggins

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