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[IP] sof-set burning & news articles

I have found in my use of sof=sets that I get a burning if the cannula
is bent there will be a burning. I had a box of sets that there was a
very slight bend in the needle and the ones that I didn't strighten
before insertion left the cannula bent. The needle was difficult to
slide out. At first I thought it was the needle just "sticking to" the
cannula, but it was" stuck in" the cannula. What a waste of sets by the
time I figured it out. Also, I notice a stinging/burning if I get a bit
of skin creased over under the wings around the needle where the sticky
part is. It will be red out where the skin was creased not at the
immediate insertiom site.
In the December Diabetes Forecast there are: 1) article about the
pork/beef insulin going out and changing to human, interesting. 2) tight
control of lipids and diabetes and retinopathy research, interesting.

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