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[IP] Discrimination

     It's sad to read about some of the pumpers experiences with job 
     interviews and rescinded offers, but I wanted to pass on a positive 
     story that I will always remember.
     When I was interviewing in college, my first interview was for an 
     engineering position in a paper mill.  When we got to the question 
     about "any medical issues that might interfere with this particular 
     job", I nervously told the interviewer that I had diabetes, but that 
     it shouldn't cause any issues.
     Without hesitation, he added, "It hasn't with any of the other 
     diabetics I know", as he checked the "NO" box by that question on the 
     job application.  And we continued the interview.
     He'll never know it, but I thought that was absolutely the most 
     positive and encouraging thing anyone could have said.
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