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Re:[IP] basal rate question


When I started pumping (just a month ago), my doc divided up the amount of NPH I was taking into 24 hours and came up with a basal rate of .8/hour (Humalog).  This (oddly enough) has been pretty perfect for me up to this point.  I haven't changed anything (except a few temp basal rates for excercise, sickness, period, etc.).  I am always amazed by reading this list as to how different each person's experience with programming basal rates is.  I also wanted to relate that I had used Humalog with injections for a year before I started on the pump, so I think I was used to the quick rate at which it absorbs already, but I have had no problems excercising with extreme lows.  I usually cut my basal in 1/2 if I am going to excercise for more than half-an-hour.  If it is less than 30 minutes, I don't do anything but test before and after to make sure everything is okay.  

Just my experience.


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