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Re: [IP] Is there anybody out there???

Bless you both!! 
Yes, I believe there is a connection - my experience is ....when my
daughter went into treatment for cocaine addiciton, I went into
counseling to get over my guilt for "making her an addict" and during
that successful process, I was questioned about my great love for
drinking a bottle of wine nearly every night.  I really did not like
sweets at the time..never at chocolate, or anything much like that.  I
gave up my wine on the second visit to the therapist and almost
immediately, began craving sweets....cause there was no more sugar
being made from the alchohol, you see, and now my body craved that
My wonderful "13-years-clean" daughter craves sweets and cigarettes
and dr pepper....literally cannot live without them.   I figure if you
are an addict, you are an addict, and are genetically disposed to
being addicted to something. She traded certain death for cookies, and
caffine - like many recovering addicts.  But I can handle that...(hate
the smoking part) though.    

I have never heard of diabetics being linked to people craving
sugar....although I just realized that within a few months prior to
giving up alcohol, I was diagnosed with diabetes..hmmmmm
anyone else???
Bonnie Richardson
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/