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Re: [IP] Propulsid and Reglan for gastroporesis

I just met with my doctor, back where I moved from.  He is an endo and also Type
I.  He also does a lot of work with research.  Anyway, he said that if I ran into
problems, that he just recently discovered that giving Reglan via injection has
worked very well for a lot of his patients.  I had major problems with Reglan and
had to go off.  I used propulsive for a long time but went off of it too.  What I
use now is enzymes ( mentioned in another email ).  This works well for me.  I
keep propulsid around, just in case I get really nauseous and that helps.  The
doctor is going to try and do a write up on this injection of reglan.  I asked him
if I would run into the same problems and he said I could but the dosage via
injection is lower.  Good luck.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I used to take Reglan (maybe from about 1988 to 1993).  My doctor at that time
> talked of it as something I would have to take forever.  But when I stopped it
> (gradually), I found the symptoms that had been really bothering me (blood
> sugar going down after a meal, and mornings of nausea and diarrhea) were gone
> mostly, although certainly I had blood sugar fluctuations and those magic
> nights when my blood sugar would go way up as if some magic fairy had come
> during the night and stuffed me full of food.
> I have avoided going back on reglan (which my doctor is suggesting again)
> because of the depression it seemed to cause. I notice on this list that
> several people have mentioned propulsid but I have not seen reglan mentioned
> -- is anyone taking it?  And is it a regular or sometimes thing?  My reading
> suggested that reglan is better than propulsid for nausea -- is anyone taking
> propulsid for nausea? and if so does it work for you?  It seems to me that it
> is the action of reglan on the brain which probably accounts for its asset
> (helping with nausea) and its problem (the depression) -- propulsid is not
> supposed to have the brain effect, and also not as many side-effects.
> Linda Zottoli
> pumping since Oct 22 and hoping that is the longterm solution
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