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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger

I would love some referrals too.  I live in Phoenix AZ.  I am torn about having
the surgery right away.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hey Cindy - Here we go again.  More in common.  I had trigger finger left hand
> middle finger. Had it for nearly two years before I went to a Hand Specialist
> that I work with on my job.  Had the typical locking/catching.  Had one
> injection and MD stated I most likely would return for surgery as the
> injections normally never make it go away completely.  Guess what.  It's been
> nearly two years after just one injection and no more trigger finger.  What
> type doc are you seeing???? Ortho - Hand Specialist???  Let me know the area
> in which you live and I might be able to make contact at our office and ask
> for names of some docs that are good with hands.
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