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[IP] Re: Is anybody out there???

:( I too have this shameful addiction to sugar, as well as having
diabetes.  All scientific data aside, I'm convinced I would have at least
gotten diabetes *later* if I hadn't eaten so much sugar.  The pump has
helped me at least get highs down sooner when I "cheat" and I can
sometimes go for weeks without cheating if I'm exercising, but the
addiction to sugar lurks in the unconscious mind, and my neocortex isn't
always strong enough to fight it.  

You're not alone.  I have a theory on sugar addiction in diabetics, and it
only holds true for some people, but I think some of the sugar cravings
*come* from the higher sugars.  When I'm 200+, I feel like I would fight
tooth and claw for sugar.  When I'm 120, I wouldn't want a brownie if
someone tried to force feed me.  It's a kind of nutritional inertia that
tries to keep the blood sugar stable, perhaps.  That and the idea that
when there is excess sugar in the bloodstream, the cells sense the change
in the blood and feel that they are 'starving' and demand pure sugar.

That's my theory, but all theories aside, my name is Miranda and I'm a
diabetic sugaraholic.


Miranda Miller
University of Michigan

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