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Re: [IP] Is there anybody out there???

i do i do i do!!!
like you have i have overcome alcoholism &  drug addiction, BUT not my sugar
addiction.  no, we really aren't alone anymore!
I was diagnosed at the age of three, which was in 1970.
when i go to a meeting there are always cookies or donuts.  well, i bolus
and have one or the other, sometimes both.  it has always been this way.
when i was younger i thought it might be from fear of reactions, since mine
were convulsive.  that stopped when i was 22  for some reason tho.
when i was first getting sober/clean (i've been since 7/5/92) i would stand
in front of the sugar bowl and w/ smuckers peanut butter and dip from one to
the other...
i wonder if it has to do with the alcoholism.
tell me more about yours if you would.

you can email me off the list, and anyone else who is a recovering addict
and/or alcoholic if you would please.
email @ redacted

thank you for writing about this.
lisa ann
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Subject: [IP] Is there anybody out there???

>I was wondering if I was the only who has this terrible addiction to sugar?
>have been diabetic since I was 6, and throughout my whole life I have had a
>problem with getting sugar away from my mouth.  I have overcome drug
>addiction, alcoholism, and smoking, but I can't stop eating candy.  Sure it
>easier now that I have the pump, because I can take a bolus to keep my BG
>down.  Still I know if I keep eating it the way I do, that eventually it
>take a toll on me.  Is there any one out there who has the same problem, or
>knows any way to help?????
>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/