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Re: [IP] basal rate question

The problem I have on MDI which will soon be changing is I can not get a
consistent peak from any insulin and even though the pump is a different
therapy the insulin is the same. It will have yo be one of those things I
have to go through and adjust as I go. Since I am slowly gaining back my
lifestyle after being really very ill for over a year my activity is up and
down so my guess is this has much to do with my crashes. One other situation
that comes into play is my constant state of malnutrition brought on by
another disease so much of my food intake is in liquid form and shoots my BG
up fast, after depending on how much nutrients I absorbed then I either come
down nice and mellow or propel like a ski diver to the ground. I am used to
it so I test a lot after meals and through out the entire action curve of
Humalog. I don't pass out anymore cause I catch the drop before it becomes a
problem. Before this list the only reason I was going on the pump was to be
able to give myself fractions of units since I can be so sensitive to
insulin, now of course I have many more reasons.
In posing my question I think I was just making sure I was in line with some
others so that my per hr basel did not seem so huge as I admit because of
past bg readings and the lack of ability on MDI to keep me near normal
without a low, I am apprehensive about all the Humalog that i will be taking
over a 24 hr period. I have everyone around me on standby and many
volunteers to stay with me the first few days in case I have any
un-conscience episodes, so I am blessed and happy about it. Input from other
DMers is so important cause no matter how hard my family and friends try
they just can not get a real handle on it.
I appreciate yours and everyone else comment and ideas so much
Thank you

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