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[IP] pumping in Orlando

IN>RoseAnn Weingart <email @ redacted>

IN>I am a Type I for 32 years now.  I have been on the insulin pump
IN>(a Mini-Med 507) since January of 1998.  I use Humalog-approximately
IN>45 units per day. My ratios are carb 1;13. High Blood Glucose 1:35.
IN>I enjoy life today because of this wonderful gift.  It has been a
IN>blessing to me after all the years of denial and fruitless attempts
IN>to control my appetite for sugar.  I am truly a more balanced person
IN>since I started pumping.

IN>I have not had any complications up until this point, where I am
IN>naturally getting older and through hereditary diseases am finding
IN>myself having more things happening.  My body is strong considering
IN>what I have put it through all these years.  I am grateful for the
IN>chance to be a PUMPER!!!!!!!!!

IN>I am in Orlando, Florida.  Have the best two doctors I could possibly
IN>ask for!  My Primary care physician uses my endocrinologist as his
IN>Doctor also.  So how could you go wrong!!  Love life today because of
IN>the PUMP.  Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and be a part of
IN>this great community.

Roseann-please e-mail me your phone number-I live in Winter Park, and
hope to get my pump soon.  I'd like to talk to you about several issues

Dave  N4BGH  (email @ redacted)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/