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Re: [IP] bg spikes/2 infusion sets

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Miranda Miller wrote:

> I am wondering about the idea of leaving a set in for a few hours after
> hanging so the insulin doesn't "leak out" and prevent spikes.  That sounds
> implausible to me; the insulin absorbs into tissue fairly quickly and in
> any case, you aren't removing sets right after bolusing are you?  The
> leakage from basal should be <= 0.1 units, if anything, not enough to
> cause a bg spike.
Lily experienced highs after set changes for several months after 
starting to pump. One day after breakfast (and after a bolus) we looked 
carefully at her set spot when she removed her set. You could actually 
see a little bead of liquid ball up at the center of the site. I am sure 
some of the liquid was body fluid, but some clearly had to be isulin. The 
next (and subsequent) time she changed her set she left the set in for 4 
hours (pumped V then) and she did not go high and has not since using 
that technique. We reported this to her endo who recommend it to several 
of his other pumpers with similar problems and it helped them. This is 
only empirical data but pretty convincing.

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