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Re: [IP] Diabetes linked to embryonic cell death/Yale

email @ redacted writes:

<< Monday November 30 6:45 PM ET 
 Diabetes linked to embryonic cell death
 NEW YORK, Nov 30 (Reuters Health) -- Diabetic women with poor blood 
 sugar control are at increased risk for miscarriage and for delivering 
 children with birth defects because high blood sugar levels induce 
 embryonic cell death, according to a report in the December issue of 
 Nature Medicine....


 Thank you for submitting this article!  I have a friend who is trying to
conceive who feels it is not important to maintain good blood sugar control.
I have been trying to convince her to start using a NOW instead of later -
this article may just be what she needs to read.   She does not have good
blood sugar control now but says she will "take care of it for the baby" after
she gets pregnant which according to this article may be too late.

Thanks again!   Sherri
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