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[IP] Re: New to the game

    I would say to anyone new to the game by all means wait for instruction.
Look at how many of us have been taking injections for twenty years or
better. My gosh, most endos have not been practicing that long. I don't
expect anyone that can't identify the "good spots" or who do not understand
what a "crash" is to be "aggressive " and take the bull by the horns, but
there are exceptions to every rule. Being "aggressive" and taking control is
one of the first two things they describe about pump applicants!
    I have been to many endos in the past 40 years and some of them have not
been breathing as long as I have I have been diabetic. Although I never went
to medical school you can bet your fanny I know more about what is going on
with my body and my capabilities better that some young Dr.. Kildare knows
about not counting carbs! The pump is not that difficult to understand and
program. Sorry Michael but I don't agree in kissing up to these so called
professionals and walking the line just because they went to medical school
and they have a diploma. I have been practicing "diabetes" a lot longer than
they have been practicing their bedside manners.

Just my .02 worth,

Buddy '-)        PS. You all have a Happy new Year, I'm going to bed. I'll
check on my tongue lashings in the new year!
God Bless All of you.