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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

>That's not the issue. The issue is that it would be nice to get as 
>many Type 1's on the pump as possible. Wether or not the DOC is a 
>total idiot or not does not matter. He just needs to be 
>co-operative. Thus, best not to tick'm off. Play the game, it does 
>not hurt. :-)) Michael

>Hi Michael:
>I have a question on your comment regarding type I and the pump. Isn't >the pump beneficial for type II
>Ernest Hayman

My guess would be yes if they took insulin on a regular basis.
Most type II's, as I understand it, use diet and oral medications alone
to control the problem (along with weight loss).  There are some
articles on other sites that our website is linked to that discuss this.