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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

Title: Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

Ernest Hayman
94SL2m BuBk/Tn AC CC AU++++ F PW PL SW L NG

: "buddybarber" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I waited three years to get in to see "a good endo" that puts a lot of
>his patients on pumps. I thought "Here I go, finally getting to see a real
>professional!" Let me tell you something. This jerk had less brain mass than
>a pigeon! One of the first things he told me to do was to quit counting
>carbs and take the same bolus NO MATTER WHAT I ATE!

Hi Buddy;

I too had my first visit to the "endo" last week. Although my impressions were more positive than were your's, I was surprised by the lack of carbo-counting. My lispro was adjusted by time of day and by present bg,, but no allowance for deviations from the meal plan. He also droped me back from 5 shots/day to just 4. He said I should start on the pump, but he wasn't sure of approval. It may be that he is looking for some poorer numbers (HbA1c=6.3) before doing the paper work.
I don't believe the above applies to you as you seem to have your pump already. It is possible that with a new doctor-patient relationship, the doctor must build up confidance in our abilities not to go hypo.

Good Health
Ernest Hayman