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Re: [IP] Problems with Humalog -- update

ZIMMY64 wrote:
> Michael,
> I am VERY interested to know if it works using both kinds of insulin. I would
> rather not try these things myself. I like to have some kind of a definate
> thing first and know how much. I am a chicken.
> This morning my sugar was 477. I know, that is terrible. The problem is, I am
> taking a steriod for my asthma. I have done so before but with better results.
> I can't up my basal rate either cause for some reason it is not a constant
> thing. I am taking it around the clock so you would not think it would be so
> different. It seems to have a life of its own. Yesterday, my sugars were fine
> all day. I even went low once. The day before, I was all over the place. This
> is something I go through alot. I do test more often when on the steriod, but
> I hate the highs for those two weeks I am on the drug. I like to be proactive,
> not reactive. I don't like to have to treat high sugars, I would rather not
> have them to begin with. Any suggestions? I know there has got to be something
> I haven't thought of that all you smart people have! Thanks!
> Karla
> P.S    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am asmatic also - when taking prednisone - my doc up my insulin to
cover the expected high rate - don't forget not only is the steroid the
problem but the asthma is also causing inflammation in the lungs in
addition to any underlying infection that triggered the problem you
should get ahold of your endo or team and get some adjustments for this
time period. hope you're better soon good luck Chris