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Re[3]: [IP] carrying humalog

Re: uninformed diabetics

No offense intended but there are diabetics from "the old school" (or who have
doctors from "the old school") who take insulin but don't know much--they just
take what the doctor told them to and some don't even have a meter. I used to
work at a diabetes supply store and it was amazing what some people are STILL
told to do by their so-called healthcare professionals. I'm not happy about
having to get an rx for Humalog, but the reason I was given (as I stated in my
last email) does seem to make sense in the above situation, not to mention those
inattentive pharmicists. By the way, I always check RXs I get and the expiration
Subject: Re[2]: [IP] carrying humalog
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Date:    12/30/97  11:07 PM

>I was told that Humalog needed a prescription because it was soooo fast acting
>and petered out in such a short time span that they want to make sure that only
>patients that knew how to use it got it. They didn't want uninformed diabetics
>having problems.

*** Sorry to disagree but is not the phrase uninformed diabetic an oxymoron
=kinda like military intelligence
maybe I am just an idealist - I *have* charged a few windmills in my day
:-)   but I think that we diabetics - those of us that have accepted the
diagnosis  - are in most cases more informed then our Dr, we have to be we
live with it.

>>You shouldn't need a prescription to buy insulin,

just my .02 worth

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