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[IP] Sets, Sites and Scholarships....

Hi guys - just wanted to update you on me....LOL!   I was having trouble with
the sof-sets and tried the tenders...I now seem able to excercise and bend
over (hooray) without screwing up the site or creating a huge bruise - it
occured to me that my tummy, even though not well-toned, is really lumpy - any
of you gals who have had kids and or C-Sections, any chance that this is
related - I know it could also be hypertrophy - but I always feel such a
thrill when I have a problem that is NOT DM related!  Anyway, I do have Lots
of stretch marks, and I wonder if there is sub-cutaneous scarring that might
have been causing the trouble with the sof sets.  I have not only switched to
comforts or tenders or whatever they are, but moved over almost to the sides
of my tummy - where there are no stretch marks or hard areas.  The insertions
are more painful ( tender ) but the site, once the introducer needle is
removed, doesn't bother me at all.  BTW, I change my site daily, and my
reservoir every other day.  My doc feels that the Humalog is unreliable as far
as stability for more than 48 hours.  And while I am not regulated yet, and it
is hard to tell WHY I am high, I have found that when I go to 3 days or more,
the bgs go up at times that I don't expect them to be high.  

Have a happy new year everyone!!!!


As an aside - I am a Pharmacy student trying to get through school - and I
work A LOT - about 30 hours a week.  I am looking for scholarships or grants -
to make up the difference between the financial aid that the school offered,
and my remaining need - $5000!!!!! for Spring!!!!  Anyway, guess it goes
without saying that my family would be MUCH better off with that than without
it, but my school does little in the way of aid beyond the loans that I have
maxed out.  Any ideas of places to look for help?  I have called the ADA, JDF,
and am applying for Lilly's scholarship - any other ideas?  Thanks a