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Re: [IP] Problems with Humalog -- update

> Michael,
> I am VERY interested to know if it works using both kinds of insulin. I would
> rather not try these things myself. I like to have some kind of a definate
> thing first and know how much. I am a chicken.

So far so good, I'm not ready yet to say it works well, I want to 
wait about a week or so.  Lily's bg's have been MUCH more stable 
however. Today is day three ( again ) and tonight will begin to tell 
the tale.

> This morning my sugar was 477. I know, that is terrible. The problem is, I am
> taking a steriod for my asthma. I have done so before but with better results.
> I can't up my basal rate either cause for some reason it is not a constant
> thing. I am taking it around the clock so you would not think it would be so
> different. It seems to have a life of its own. Yesterday, my sugars were fine
> all day. I even went low once. The day before, I was all over the place. This
This is similar to what Lily was experiencing.  The day one would be 
fine, day 2 squirly and day 3 worse. Bg's from 40 to 300+.

The last couple of days have been 'very' good.  It could be 
coincedence or could be the new mix.

Anyway, there have been NO adverse side effects.  We switched her 
square wave from 1/3  2/3 over 3.5 hours to 1/2 1/2 over 2.5 hours to 
compensate for the 'regular' in the mix.  Hasn't seemed to make much 
difference in hbs or meal bolus.

> is something I go through alot. I do test more often when on the steriod, but
> I hate the highs for those two weeks I am on the drug. I like to be proactive,
> not reactive. I don't like to have to treat high sugars, I would rather not
> have them to begin with. Any suggestions? I know there has got to be something
> I haven't thought of that all you smart people have! Thanks!
> Karla
> P.S    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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