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Pumpers & Friends,
    Happy New Year to everyone. I will be away from computer for 12 days going to be on road to the Orange Bowl . Yes , this crazy BIG RED FAN  is driving down to watch the GAME . I leave Wed. at 4:00pm and I will drive until I get there sometime Friday. Have car all set case of pop{1/2 diet-1/2reg} with food to feed ten people plus three my ER set packs. I check BS every hour if I'm driving-- stop if under 120ml. taking back-up pump . I will try to check mail on the web-site if I can get to a sys. Watch out Best-buys stores . If anyone like to meet before game or on the way back drop me a note , I'll give you a call may-be we can meet F-T-F , first diet is on me.
        So REMEMBER TOO............
                   SMILE & BE HAPPY,
                            Rodney : -{ )