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Re: [IP] Problems with Humalog -- update


I am VERY interested to know if it works using both kinds of insulin. I would
rather not try these things myself. I like to have some kind of a definate
thing first and know how much. I am a chicken.
This morning my sugar was 477. I know, that is terrible. The problem is, I am
taking a steriod for my asthma. I have done so before but with better results.
I can't up my basal rate either cause for some reason it is not a constant
thing. I am taking it around the clock so you would not think it would be so
different. It seems to have a life of its own. Yesterday, my sugars were fine
all day. I even went low once. The day before, I was all over the place. This
is something I go through alot. I do test more often when on the steriod, but
I hate the highs for those two weeks I am on the drug. I like to be proactive,
not reactive. I don't like to have to treat high sugars, I would rather not
have them to begin with. Any suggestions? I know there has got to be something
I haven't thought of that all you smart people have! Thanks!
P.S    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!