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Re: [IP] suction in pump syringe


You nailed it right on the head - and maybe it has a little to do with
the fact that I was in a hurry and didn't explain clearly.  I did not
put air into the bottle from the syringe prior to extracting the
insulin, thus a vaccuum.  Thanks for clarifying.


Closedloop wrote:
> Hi Susan, recently you commented about some difficulty with the operation of
> your pump and stated
> "The first time I didn't put any air in the
> syringe, thus, a suction and it wouldn't pump the insulin."
> I don't understand why your pump wouldn't operate because of suction (no air).
> If insulin was withdrawn from the bottle without first injecting air into it,
> it would make withdrawl difficult and would crerate a vacuum in the bottle
> (but not in the syringe after it was pulled out and exposed to the atmosphere
> where pressure could equalize). If there was any pressure wouldn't it tend to
> push insulin into you? Maybe I'm misreading this. Straighten me out if I'm
> wrong.
> Just trying to understand this problem you had...
> See Yah.
> Gary