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Re: [IP] Problems with Humalog -- update

> > Lily continues to have problems with highs related to Humalog site
> > corruption.  A few months ago she stopped changing her set on a 3/4
> > day schedule and switched to 3/3 because she would be high on the 4th
> > day. Recently -- maybe the last month or two -- the 3rd day on the

> Doesn't changing the set that often run into a lot of money?  Would it
> not be easier to go back to regular and have longer time with each set. 
> I haven't tried Humalog, I have been on Velosulin and Humulin BR before
> that and haven't had any trouble.  I regularly get 4 to 5 days out of a
> set without experiencing highs.  I have gone as long a 7 days but that
> was by accident and I only changed then because the site started to get
> sore.  Just a thought.  I like the results I get with velosulin.
> Gena  34yrs old, pumping 10+yrs. IDDM 15yrs

1) insurance pays for most of the cost
2) I don't really care what it costs (daddy's little girl ya know)
3) Control is MUCH better with the Humalog
    Highs can be fixed in 30 minutes to and hour, even a couple of 
hundred points.  Basically that means that Lily functions as a normal 
family with respect to meals, sports, etc... she just checks 30 
minutes ahead of (whatever) and fixes any low or high. Velosulin 
takes quite a bit longer.  
4) Lily's hbA1c's came down another 0.5 immediately upon using 
Humalog. :-)

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