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[IP] Re: Here we go again! update

>Doesn't changing the set that often run into a lot of money?  Would it
>not be easier to go back to regular and have longer time with each set.
>I haven't tried Humalog, I have been on Velosulin and Humulin BR before
>that and haven't had any trouble.  I regularly get 4 to 5 days out of a
>set without experiencing highs.  I have gone as long a 7 days but that
>was by accident and I only changed then because the site started to get
>sore.  Just a thought.  I like the results I get with velosulin.
>Gena  34yrs old, pumping 10+yrs. IDDM 15yrs

    My sentiments exactly?? I get 5 days per set with little or no redness.
Like Gena, I have gone as much as 7 but it really depends in what area the
set is in. There are some places that are no trouble at all and some that
give me problems right from the start. As I said before, from years of
injections, we all know where the good spots are and know where we don't
want to take a shot. I have found the same thing applies to the softsets. I
have found that on me the "prime spots" are on a line from my belly button
to either nipple. Smile if you like but I can insert a set  1.5" on this
line from my navel and never feel it. Evan after 6 days. Again, I don't get
as high as my sternum but anywhere below this on this line is GREAT for me.
On the other hand, 2" either side of my navel is bad territory. Hurts
inserting it and gives nothing but trouble. Might get three days from one of
these spots.
    I use only Velosulin and have good control. I know Gena, Karla, and I
can't be the only crazy ones here, can we ???? We are darn sure a whole lot
richer because of the cost involved.

Buddy '-)    "Don't go to bed mad. . .  Stay up and fight!"  Phyllis Diller