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Re: [IP] carrying humalog RX

Hi Folks -------- I just wanted to let you all know that Humalog is a
prescription drug & cannot be filled without one legally.   I do know that my
pharmacist gave me one initially when it first came out without a prescription
(oops) because he thought the same applied to it as to other insulin.  He did
find out & does make sure he has a RX to fill it now.    
            I asked my Dr. & he said that he feels it is because it works so
fast that they require RX for it.  As mentioned though, most of us probably
fill insulin by RX because of insurance.  However, this cannot be done without
calling to original pharmacy (as someone here noted), when you are away & need
more insulin.
          I always try to keep a bottle with me when traveling away from home.
Some have said here that if they need it they can draw from the res. if site
gets corrupted..... I have a problem with that thought.    If something
happens & say the luor neck gets broken, as I've known a friend have happen,
then you could loose the insulin you have in the resiv.    Then What??    I
feel to have a little set of everything when traveling is not that
inconvienent & keeps my peace of mind:-) I need that.   I don't need to take
it out if I don't need it.      Just My $.02 thought.           
             Kathi    IDDM 30 yrs Humalog since July 96- Pumping since May
1997 -MM507