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RE: [IP] Problems with Humalog -- update

> > problem.  The dilemma now becomes do we switch to a 2/2 day change
> > schedule or experiment with something else.

I've had the best results with a 2/2 schedule.  I fill my cartridges halfway
(roughly 150 units).  This way each Tender pair coincides with one

When I was using Regular with the Tenders, I used a 3/3 or even 4/3 schedule
quite successfully.  The Humalog just seems to develop problems a little
quicker, but it's still worth the extra effort because of the faster

IDDM 25 years, pumping 2, pumping H a bit over 1.

Greg Legowski
"I thought I was heartbroken, but it was just mono." -- Edith Wilson