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[IP] Problems with Humalog -- update

Lily continues to have problems with highs related to Humalog site 
corruption.  A few months ago she stopped changing her set on a 3/4 
day schedule and switched to 3/3 because she would be high on the 4th 
day. Recently -- maybe the last month or two -- the 3rd day on the 
set has produced highs and by the next morning, bg's would be in the 
high 200's to low 300's.  Changing the set immediately fixes the 
problem.  The dilemma now becomes do we switch to a 2/2 day change 
schedule or experiment with something else.

Some time ago, Buddy posted a solution to this problem where he mixes 
Humalog with a small amount of regular (Velosolin I presume), anyway, 
Lily is experimenting with this.  She changed her set yesterday and 
loaded the syringe with 250 units of Humalog and 50 units of 
Velosolin.  Bg's were pretty good yesterday and we'll let you know 
what happens :-)

email @ redacted