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Re: [IP] Humalog and Pregnancy

On 30 Dec 97 at 11:46, MADKT wrote:

> My Dr told me that I would have to change from Humalog to something different
> when I got pregnant because it is not approved or something. Does anyone have
> a take on this? And wouldnĘt I be wiser to make the switch now instead of in a
> crucial stage like that?
> Katie

Last I heard, Humalog wasn't approved for the pump, for pediatric 
patients (under 18 years old!) or pregnant or nursing mothers.  What 
that really means is that if the doctor prescribes it for one of 
these people and something happens then the doctor could be in 
trouble if he got sued.  It's just another case of the system being 
messed up...

Randall Winchester

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