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[IP] Re: Howto's and FAQs

> I think that we all think that you have stated it so well (repeatedly, I might
> add) that none of us wants to attempt to restate it.  I know that you don't
> have time to write everything for the site, but perhaps this IS one you should
> tackle yourself.  Maybe some of the sheep will follow, (myself included, as
> promised already).  If you truly want one of us to paraphrase you, then please
> set me straight.  Are you concerned that if you start writing howto's and faqs
> that the rest of us will get lazy, or are you just being modest?  You really
> do state things well...

Actually, I am concentrating my efforts on improving the tools on the 
web site.  I am currently creating a basal-rate estimator which you 
can load your test reading into along with the type of insulin and 
your bg/insulin ratio.  It will draw a graph and allow you to 'play' 
with incremental changes in basal rate and see the projected bg 
changes on the graph. Prior to that was the browser-mail project, and 
so-on.  The things that are already written or for which research of 
online documents will provide answers, I would like to leave to the 
members.  I am swamped with the other stuff and I have 3 howto's I am 
working on now.

email @ redacted