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Re: [IP] Musings on the weekend after Christmas...


THANK YOU!  Once again your eloquence is remarkable.  

and to everyone on the list...

I have been pumping for exactly 11 months today and have also been reflecting
about the changes it has brought about in my life.  It has allowed me to
tackle endeavors that I would have shied away from before.  The biggest one
being that my husband, eleven year old son, and I built a log cabin this
summer.  We did a substantial amount of the labor ourselves.  My MM507, with
its temporary basal rates, got me through in good shape.  Sure, I kept a
supply of cookies on hand, but I always knew that I would never be in a bind
like I would have been on MDI.  

I ate pie after both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and stayed in my
target range the entire time.  And, for the first time in eight years, when my
relatives planned dinner, I could say that it didn't matter what time the meal
was scheduled, I could work it out.

I shared Christmas dinner with my aunt who has been IDDM for about 45 years.
She is still on MDI and managing quite well (no complications!) but is
interested in the pump.  Unfortunately, Medicare gives no coverage.  Like me,
she has learned to count carbs and enjoyed the pie.  The difference was that
after dinner, I eagerly checked my bg (it was 85) but she said she didn't want
to know what hers was, not wanting to spoil the day with a high reading.  My
heart went out to her, at age 65, she has no complications, and I know that it
is chiefly because she has denied herself the pleasures of pie for so many
years.  Like Randall, my hope is that someday this technology will be made
available to all who are willing to use it.

Let's head into 1998 with a mission to help spread the good news about

Mary Jean