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[IP] carrying humalog


I don't carry extra insulin (humalog) in my purse. Pre pump days i
carried one needle, the meter, one bottle of insulin (regular) and
lancets. The only thing different is that I don't carry the insulin.  In
a bind I have a syringe at my desk (I really don't go anywhere else :-(
lol, so the extra stuff in my purse is senseless). I'm 30 minutes from
home if I need to make a b-line here. Of course if I am going to be
farther from home I make sure I don't do a site change that day or take
the "stash" with me.


Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> I'm curious what you, Susan, and other pumpers using Humalog do about
> carrying around extra Humalog for ermergencies.