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[IP] Sherri


I just wanted to let you know I agree with everyone else and they all put it
very well. I wish I could have went on a pump when I was diagnosed at 15. I
was so angry that I had to live by way of my disease, getting up and eating at
a certain time, now I feel so free to just LIVE.
The pump is not any more a chore than all the stuff you have to do with shots.
I don't worry about it too much. I eat when I want, try to sleep in, (I have 3
small girls), change my pump every three days, and test. I know it is not all
THAT simple, but it gets easier with time.
Michael's daughter Lily and I will tell you that getting the soft-sets AND the
Soft-serter is a great way to go with people who hate to stick themselves and
don't like pain.
Please try to get your Dr. more involved and more motivated to do this with
you. Call MiniMed at 1-800-933-3322 and get the information packet AND video.
It will help you alot. It did me. I really like my 507 alot. It does look like
a beeper. Some people have even asked me why my beeper has a wire on it. It is
easy to use too.
Good luck and keep working on it!!!