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Re: [IP] Reading the 507 screen

Thanks for the response.  In my original post I said:
The other and positive side to this however, is that I no longer have to
squint at the magnifier on a syringe to measure units, I can just use the
auto bolus feature to give
myself so many units and know that I am being precise.

What I called the auto bolus should have been referred to as the audio bolus
feature.  It does help and the light helps somewhat.  Thanks for the
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From: EUGLYCEMIA <email @ redacted>
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Date: Sunday, December 28, 1997 7:21 AM
Subject: [IP] Reading the 507 screen

> do you ever use the audible bolus feature?   this could help with
>a bolus.  also, see if using the back light helps at all.