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[IP] where does it go

Hi everyone
I haven't written anything in a long while, but I have been reading all the
posts, if you remember I've been pumping about 6 weeks and I've been doing
pretty good.  The christmas holidays were difficult but managable due to the
pump, I will be glad to get to my schedule again, predictability is still a
important part of my control.
The reason I'm writing is I had unusual readings Sat. right before
supper(279 and spilling moderate ketones), after calling MM we decided that
if I got another high after bolus for the high and supper(296 about 2 hours
after bolus), it might be a good idea to change the site. That is what I did
and I started having better readings within an hour of the new site
change(188 about 4 hours after bolus with orginal site). My question then is
since I bolused for the high and the cho's for supper(yes the insulin was
fresh, the old site was put in on Fri morning, yes the insulin was coming
out the QR) I know I recieved it but where did it go if the site was bad.
would it have caused me to have a 45 reading about 7 hours after the bolus
for the high and supper, could the site have been corrupted by scar tissue
causing the absortion of the bolus to be even slower??????  

email @ redacted
Carol Wasson
email @ redacted