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Re: [IP] Pumps for a child . . .

Laura and Lacy I hope you can make  your own decision about the pump, and 
not let the dr. dictate what may be best. This group has many parents of 
pump users, and I believe they have all said life was much better after 
the pump. I am a 50 year old, been diabetic 34 years, been pumping 2 1/2 
years and never felt better, never had such decent A1Cs and I have a very 
hectic and varied daily schedule and have not trouble being where I need 
or doing whatever. Sometimes I just do data entry, some days I throw 
heavy boxes around. Somedays I practice my flute. I love my pump. I don't 
have to hurry off to eat, and I don't have to eat if I am not hungry. If 
per chance I get a chance to sleep in, well then I do it.  I hope this 
will help. There is a children's pump users group I've read about from 
this group. Maybe someone out there can give you their email address too. 
Good luck and good health, Roz