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Re: [IP] Pumps for a child . . .

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my pump and would not give it up, but one
thing I had not anticipated bothering me as much as it does is where to
put the darn thing in short tight fitting dresses.  A solution to this
dilema would be to take the pump off and revert to those nasty old shots
again (I guess it hasn't bothered me THAT bad!)  These tiny little girls
suggest putting it into the bra, well, I'm a 36D and you would think it
would conceal it but I still feel self conscious when something square
sticks out of something that should be round.  I guess I am used to all
my curves where all my curves are.  I keep trying to tell myself that the
roll around my middle is so much bigger than the pump and if I could only
give that up, I would have a perfect place to put the pump.  
Most people say the pump looks like a beeper when you put it on a belt. 
I am just uncomfortable when I bend over and it pokes into me.  But again
I'd like to say that the inconveniece is worth it, I wouldn't give my
pump up for anything but this is something to think about because
teenagers can be very self conscience.  Michelle