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Re: [IP] Pumps for a child . . .

Sherri, I think that you will get alot of positive feedback from this group of
pumpers.  Don't let anyone talk you out of trying the pump, I think your
daughter will love it.  I've had diabetes, type I, for going on 8 yrs and
started using a pump last summer.  It isn't without problems, but overall I
don't think anyone can dispute the fact that having a constant supply of
insulin available in the body (the body needs insulin regardless of what is or
isn't eaten) is a healthy alternative to multiple injections, especially with
the long acting insulins (NPH & Lente).  I never knew what my body was going
to with the night-time NPH, I was either too high or too low in the AM.

There are alot of different infusion sets available, so don't worry about your
daughter being thin and having trouble with the sets.  I started out with the
soft-sets and the soft-serter that injects them, but have since switched to
the tenders which go in at a angle, I don't have much body fat so these work
better for me.  When I first saw the needle on the tenders set,  I thought "no
way can I do this",  but it was a piece of cake.

Sherrie, good luck and I hope your daughter gets that pump soon!