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Re: [IP] Pumps for a child . . .

Dear Sherri,
    Living on the pump is somewhat more complicated than just getting up and
checking your BG and injecting according to what your test revealed. As I
see it that (injecting) is pretty simple as I had to start at age 12 and
continued 38 years. The point you want to stress to your daughter's doctor
is that the pump will probably eliminate ANY complications of this disease
while at the same time giving her more freedom and more choices of what and
when she wants to eat. I am one who thinks that all diabetics should be on
pump therapy, and there are those here that disagree but I think that most
young ones can grasp the mechanics of this quickly, far quicker than us "old
folks" and get on to the order of business. Just go back and look at the
profiles of most of us that have started pumping recently and read. . . . .
.  .  "I love my pump!" "Would not give up my pump!" "I feel so goo now that
I am pumping!" All of these testimonials to the good of the pump. What is
there to discuss? There is not but one decision to make . . . . . . . . . .
Which pump to get!  I am partial to the 507.
    There is so much more to consider here but the facts are that the pump
is much more efficient than MDI. Just the good feeling you get when you get
all the NPH out of your system,and the feeling of "good control" is worth
any extra effort you may or may not have to put out.
    I can see minor problems with maybe a youngster putting off changing a
set on the week-end until Monday morning, after over sleeping just a little,
when it is raining and like that but that can be worked out too. There will
be kids that will be late no matter what. Problems are solved every day of
our lives and the pump just helps us to cope with some of these problems
more easily. Go for the pump. You and your daughter will never regret it.
The only problem I can foresee that I can't say anything about is the fact
that you mentioned that your daughter is thin and may have problems with
little fat tissue to use the softsets?????? I have plenty and that is no
problem for me. <big grin>
    And that's the way I see it.

God Bless,

Buddy '-)