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[IP] Pumps for a child . . .


We jrecently approached our daughters endocrinologist about an insulin pump
for our daughter (8 years old).  He agreed to help us pursue it this endeavor
in 6 months fas he would like for us to have more experience dealing with the
day to day trials of diabetes.  

My question to all of you is this - he says there is usually a two-fold reason
for getting a pump - 1. better glycemic control and 2. more flexibility in
lifestyle.   He says currently she has wonderful glycemic control (due to
great efforts on our part and probably mostly due to a great honeymoon!).   In
his opinion, at this time, her only benefit from a pump will be lifestyle
flexibility.  He indicated the pump is a lot of work and he questions whether
we will really benefit from it. 

Now from you pump users -  do you think a pump is more work than shots and
limiting your diet and lifestyle?  Please be honest with me as we want to do
what is right for our child.  I completely understand that it will not be a
piece of cake, especially at first but I am hoping it will uncomplicate our
life somewhat (especially through those difficult teenage years).  Our child
will has a wonderful support group, both at home and at school.  She is a
thin, quiet child who already checks her blood sugars frequently but hates
shots and "having to eat" on schedule.    

Please give me some feedback on the pros and cons of insulin pumping with a

Many Thanks, 

Sherri (Laura's mom)